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IT Risk Assesment

IT Risk Assessment: Discover, Correct, and Secure

Risk assessment identifies the internal and external situations that could negatively impact the critical information assets of your organizations. We begin by identifying the most critical aspects of your business and gather any information on potential threats. All aspects of your company should be considered, including hardware, software, employee awareness, and business processes. The team at Vasquez & Company LLP will identify and rank the risks within your organization, so you can sleep better at night knowing these risks are being managed.

Risk Management Advice

The goal of risk assessment is to evaluate current procedures and develop a strategy that will provide a better way to navigate your current information security and infrastructure protection. This includes not only your cyber risk but also your business goals. No longer just an IT function, risk management has evolved to become an essential aspect of business security and protection support. Some of the benefits of a security risk assessment include:

Cost Justification: Education of key business managers regarding the most critical risks associated with the use of technology and justifying security investments.

Productivity: Improving the productivity of IT operations, security and audit by reviewing the structure, collecting security knowledge, and implementing self-analysis features.

Cohesiveness: Security must be addressed by organizational management as well as IT staff. Management will need to make decisions about the level of security for your organization, and the IT staff is responsible for implementation.

Simplification: A risk assessment system should be simple to use, allowing management to participate in the organization's systems, applications, and data. This also allows security to become a more significant part of a company’s culture.

Communication: Risk assessment can boost communication and expedite decision-making by acquiring information from multiple parts of an organization and creating a general prioritization of resources.

When to Perform IT Risk Assessment

Security risk assessment should be on ongoing activity conducted at least once every two years to explore the risks associated with the organization’s information systems. This evaluation will help ensure that the skill and judgment of IT and organizational personnel are being used to the fullest to prevent any situations that could interfere with the mission of your company.

Vasquez & Company LLP can help you develop a roadmap for the implementation, evaluation, and improvement of information security practices. Call us in Los Angeles today for a professional consultation so we can help you conquer any vulnerabilities in your business.

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